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Meet and Match With the Leading Animal Health Companies from Korea at Livestock Malaysia 2017

At Livestock Malaysia 2017, 28 September - 1 October, the Korean Animal Health Products Association (KAHPA) is bringing 8 leading animal health companies to look for potential business partners, distributors and agents to carry their products in Malaysia.

CTC Bio Inc.

Exhibitor Profile:
CTCBIO INC. was founded in 1993 under philosophy of Change, Try and Challenge. Pursuit of high quality products made our company being one of the biggest animal health company in South Korea. We are Korea’s No. 1 animal health and feed additive company. Exporting to more than 42 countries, working with 53 partners, worldwide. The best distributor for multi international suppliers.

Product Highlight:
Mannan is one of the NSP (Non Starch Polysaccharide) in feed. Mannan have series of negative effect to animal such as increment of viscosity, reduction of hormone secretion, waste of energy in immune system. By using CTCZYME, you can remove all negative effect of mannan. CTCZYME releases additional energy from feed ingredient. From this additional energy, you can reduce feed cost. Even you spend money for CTCZYME, you will save money eventually.

Daeho Co., Ltd.

Exhibitor Profile:
Daeho founded at 1986 under company philosophy "Affluent Life and Green Environment". After foundation, we have only focused in feed additives and animal medicines composed of natural materials such as microorganisms, enzymes, photobiotic and organic acid without any assistance of chemical materials. Currently, Daeho's manufacturing facilities and R&D department is now located in Hwaseong city, Gyeonggi province and the other functional parts are in Seoul branch office.

Product Highlight:
Yeast culture product which can contribute to animal productivity improvement by Stabilizing GIT microflora with metabolites produced by itself such as enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, UGF, etc. It also improves digestibility, immunity, rumen development, growth and reduces the stress.

Daesung Microbiological Labs. Co., Ltd.

Exhibitor Profile:
DaeSung has been producing high quality veterinary medicines since their inception in 1968. As a leading vaccine manufacturer with KVGMP and accumulated technology, DaeSung has been producing Antibiotics, Parasiticides, Nutrients, Feed Additives, Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines with a total of over 150 different products. DaeSung is currently exporting their products to 8 different countries in the international market with further plans for international expansion.

Eagle Vet. Tech Co., Ltd.

Exhibitor Profile:
Eagle Vet. Tech Co., Ltd. established in 1970 is one of the leading veterinary pharmaceutical companies in Korea. The company combines the best available ingredients with high quality manufacturing operation which complies with EU-GMP standards to offer a wide range of highest quality of nutrients, antibiotics, antibacterials, anthelmintics and especially feed additives containing natural substances. The company has also actively done international marketing activities to meet ever rising foreign demands by exporting its high quality products over 20 countries in Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia for a long time, and making vigorous efforts to expand the markets.

Han Dong Co., Ltd.

Exhibitor Profile:
We have been established as the manufacturer of animal health and sustainable products for more than 45 years in Korea and exporting to a world-wide market. In 2013, we equipped with not only the domestic KVGMP, but also the international EU GMP standard in order to provide high quality veterinary medicine.We produce antibiotics, anthelmintics, nutritional supplements, hormones, anti-inflammatory drugs, antipyretics, immune enhancers, infusion for mastitis, probiotics, general preparations and disinfectants in forms of injections(powder and liquid), solutions(oral and external), infusions, ointment, and powder(feed additives and WSP) for livestock and aquaculture.

Komipharm International Co. Ltd.

Exhibitor Profile:
Co-existence and harmony between human beings and animals! As a pioneer of the bio-field pursuing the happiness of human beings, Komipharm endeavors to open the brand new world since established in 1972. As a leading company, Komipharm has been exporting about 100 kinds veterinary medicine for swine, poultry, companion animals together with the biological products to the global market. Komipharm has been devoting for satisfying the various demands from global customers, with ceaseless passion and new technology. Health, source of the happiness in human life! Komipharm wishes to become your partner to keep in your life! Komipharm International Co., Ltd.

Product Highlight:
9R VACⓐ and SG Guard
9R VACⓐ is live monovalent bacterial vaccine for the immunization against fowl typhoid infection in chicken, using Salmonella 9 Rough live strain. SG Guard is a supplementary feeds in solution type, using Salmonella Gallinarum bacteriophage, which is organic material comes from nature and targets specific bacteria (pathogens), can provide various advantages.

Korea Thumb Vet Co. Ltd.

Exhibitor Profile:
KOREA THUMBVET CO., LTD., which established in 1973, has played a role as a companion of HARIM group start from 2001 to develop our product quality by recruiting Q.C. members and expanding special test equipment for more than 40 years. Recently, KOREA THUMBVET CO., LTD has been accelerating new product developments which can protect and treatment effectively to livestock animals from disease and not spared to invest and research for making Incrementally Modified Drugs (IMD). Moreover, KOREA THUMBVET CO., LTD has been engaged a pet business for healthy living and well-being of companion animals and has been developing new products in co-operation with Korea’s leading pet product distributors. Indeed, we are planning go overseas to expand our global market.

Product Highlight:
Treatment and prevention of infectious disease as below. Cattle: Indicated for treatment of bovine respiratory disease such as pneumonia, shipping fever. Swine: Indicated for treatment and control of swine bacterial respiratory disease such as bacterial pneumonia. Poultry: Indicated for the control of early mortality, associated with E.Coli organisms susceptible to ceftiofur, in day-old chicks.

WooGene B&G Co., Ltd.

Exhibitor Profile:
Established in 1977, since then Woogene B&G has advanced a diverse line of products dedicated to animal health and livestock industry. Today, Woogene B&G sets for its long term goal to be the leading company in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. Our expansion to produce innovative products such as biomedical materials, bio-pesticides, vaccines and alternative products for antibiotic by using innovative technologies such as surface display, vector vaccine, and reverse genetics. Innovative technology in biologicals. Woogene B&G provides a new answer for preventing several animal diseases including PED and PRRS focusing on becoming the best in People, Products and Process.

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