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[5/7/2023] Korea fortifies cooperation with Malaysia for ICT, smart livestock farming

The government will fortify cooperation with Malaysia to foster exchanges in smart ICT-mediated farming technologies, the agriculture ministry said Wednesday.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said it signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Malaysia’s livestock businesses in Kuala Lumpur, July 5.

Among the attendees were Animal Industry Data Korea CEO Kyeong Noh-kyum and the Malaysian Poultry Association, represented by president Kwei Yew Tong.

In December of last year, Animal Industry Data Korea and a chicken farm in Malaysia signed a contract whereby the Korean firm will provide a smart livestock farming and management service known as Farms Plan. The service encompasses livestock healthcare solutions through image data analysis.

The plan includes real-time monitoring of farming conditions and analyzes livestock feeding and behavior. This leads to disease control solutions.

Malaysia’s livestock association vice president Sim Zhi Zhan, who also attended the MOU signing event, said that Korea and Malaysia will share knowledge and experience, and review best practices to identify joint business opportunities.

“Cooperation with Korea in advanced livestock information and communication technologies will bolster the joint efforts of the two countries to foster innovation,” he said.

The ministry plans to support the export of local livestock farming equipment as well as the overseas expansion of livestock management solution firms.

“The government will help promising local industry players find growth opportunities overseas, as underpinned by smart livestock farming technology developments and administrative assistance.”

Korea exported 10 cattle for the production of “hanwoo,” or Korean beef, to Malaysia on June 30. Malaysia approved the import of the cattle on June 19, about a month after Korea reported foot-and-mouth disease in May. The ministry said the green light came after Korea’s speedy and thorough disease control responses and the transparency of the country’s agriculture and livestock infection authorities.

Source by: The Korea Times