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[07/08/2019][Industry News]
Revitalising livestock industry via partnerships
KUALA LUMPUR: The livestock industry needs to be revitalised through strategic partnerships with the private sector and existing companies to address the shortage of beef.

[02/08/2019][Industry News]
Protecting Malaysia against African swine fever
AFRICAN swine fever (ASF) has hit China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and North and South Korea, and it is likely to spread to other countries in Asia, including Malaysia.

[30/07/2019][Industry News]
Poultry feed premix market in Asia Pacific 2019 ongoing trends and recent developments
The Asia Pacific poultry feed premix market is expected to offer healthy growth opportunities due to increased exports of meat from Asia…

[11/07/2019][Industry News]
Local poultry counters not impacted by swine flu
THE outbreak of the African swine flu (ASF) across China and Indo-China provides no immediate opportunity to Malaysian poultry producers to meet the rising demand for protein from poultry sources…

[10/07/2019][Industry News]
Chicken farmer sees 2,700% profit leap
BEIJING: A poultry company from eastern China said its profit will soar as much as 2,693% thanks to higher prices of white-feathered chickens…

[06/07/2019][Industry News]
China could feel swine fever blow for the next decade, says Cargill
It could be as long as a decade before China recovers from its outbreak of African swine fever, the deadly pig disease that’s decimating hog herds in the world’s largest pork consumer…

[20/06/2019][Industry News]
Perak SADC to initiate RM1bil Agrovalley Project
IPOH: The Perak State Agriculture Development Corporation (SADC) will initiate the Perak Agrovalley project with a targeted investment of RM1 billion…

[07/05/2019][Industry News]
Strong appetite for Leong Hup IPO as offer of 73m shares to public oversubscribed 3.64 times
KUALA LUMPUR: Poultry giant Leong Hup International Bhd’s initial public offer (IPO) of 73 million shares to the Malaysian public was oversubscribed by 3.64 times…….

[27/01/2019][Industry News]
Take up cattle-rearing, Sarawak oil palm estates, smallholders told
SERIAN: Oil palm estates and smallholders in Sarawak are encouraged to take up cattle-rearing on the side to sustain their income and help the state increase its beef production.

[09/12/2018][Industry News]
More than half of farmers treat animals without prescription, survey finds
SERDANG: More than half of the farmers in a survey in Selangor used antibiotics on their livestock without prescription.Two-thirds actually stored these antibiotics in their farms…

[02/12/2018][Industry News]
No antibiotic in animal feed soon
SERDANG: Colistin antibiotic, one of the antibiotics used by farmers and treated as a growth-promoting agent, will be banned in animal feed come Jan 1, said Datuk Salah­uddin Ayub. Those found guilty could risk losing their licences, said the Agri­culture and Agro-based Industry Minister……